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By making your quotation stand out, success is a choice!

We have officially emerged from the crisis a long time ago and the economy is once again showing cautious growth. Despite these positive noises, we all know that the ice is very thin and that an economic boom is probably a long way off. This means that the average entrepreneur has to fight harder than ever for every order. The sales department is under a lot of pressure.

However, there is one part of the sales process that lags behind all developments in this area. While we are making great strides in the integration of sales and marketing, such as inbound marketing and sales automation, the production of quotations is still very much a sticking point. Worse still, we have simply gone backwards in the last 10 years. 15 Years ago, a quotation was still presented in a quotation folder. You remember them; a folder that was beautifully printed in the organisation's house style. On the left-hand side there were flaps containing the quotation, often with an extra leaflet and business card. And if you were really good, you used a paperclip with your logo on it to hold it all together. And why did we do this? To make a good impression.

In today's digital age, however, we don't get much further than sending a PDF with a lot of text. And of course, a lot of attention is paid to that text. But in most cases, it is hard to make it stand out.

It's not just about the price
Now I often hear entrepreneurs say: "It doesn't matter with us because in the industry it's only about the price". And that feeling is probably correct. The question is whether you have not brought this upon yourself. Let's assume that the people who receive the quotation are just like real people. They too want to be helped and they too may have a problem to solve. And that you, as a company, are the one who can do this best, you don't just prove it with a low price. In short, you have to show what added value you can offer as a company.

Stand out
To create a difference between you and your competitors, you will have to stand out. In most cases, the quotation you make is not the only one on the customer's desk. So in this case, standing out is a clear opportunity. You can stand out by adding content in the form of photos and videos, among other things.
There are a number of good online quotation tools that can help you with this. These tools also ensure that every quotation looks the same. This creates uniformity and radiates professionalism. All in all, a good first step towards distinguishing yourself from your competitors in the area of quotations.

The extra step you can take right away
If you start working with such an online tool, you immediately have another advantage. They offer you the opportunity to see whether your quotation was viewed, how often and when. This is, of course, information you can use to score maximum points when following up the quotation.


In short
If, as an organisation, you want to take the next step in your sales process, it is advisable to try an online quotation tool. But of course, the same applies here: the tool alone is not enough. You are responsible for the content.