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How does it work?

Your quotation

5 simple steps.

1. Write the introduction

You send an Offery quotation via your own e-mail using a URL link. This link takes them to the digital quotation. That is why there is space to write an introduction. This is the friendly welcoming text your customer sees after opening the link.

2. Make or add your quotation

Regarding the calculation, you can choose between 2 options: either you add your calculation as a PDF document that you get from your own system, or you make your calculation in Offery with our handy calculation tool. Both have advantages and are very easy to use!

3. Select your contacts

In the next step, you select colleagues to act as contacts. You do this by simply selecting the check mark in front of their name. This is useful to show who is in the team, for example. For each contact person, you can select if these people receive e-mails when, for example, the quotation is opened or approved. This way you are always on time with the follow-up.

4. Add content from

Offery speeds up the process. That is why we came up with the building blocks. You fill in the building blocks once beforehand with content about your company and the products or services you provide. When you make a quotation, you drag the right blocks into the menu and your quotation is complete! The great thing is that you come up with the building blocks yourself and give them a name.

5. Shipping and scoring

When your quote is ready (in about 2 minutes) you generate the link. You send this link to the customer using your own e-mail program. And thanks to the statistics, it is almost impossible not to score. That's it!