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Quotation software from Offery

Offery is the smartest and easiest online quotation software for every organisation and freelancer.

Offery's online quotation software makes it possible to create a professional, unique and personal online quotation in no time at all. Thanks to the modular building blocks, you can create a customised quote for each prospect for optimal results. And all this without heavy PDF files, but with an ISO certified and secure SSL Cloud connection.

But it doesn't stop there!

Thanks to the implementation of Offery Analytics, you have full insight into the use of your quotation after it has been sent. When and how often was your quote viewed? And which parts of the quotation were viewed for how long? With Offery's quotation software you will know it all! 

So what exactly is Offery?

  • The easiest, multilingual, online quotation software with which to create quotations quickly
  • The online quotation software with which you create strong, personal and unique quotations
  • A secure way to send tenders online and have them signed

How does Offery work?

Offery's quotation software allows you to quickly create a strong, professional, unique and personal quotation for any situation. The quotations are easy to make yourself using the unique modular Building Blocks. Is the quotation complete? Then the quotation can be sent to your prospect via e-mail. No PDF file, no heavy files, just an URL. When the prospect clicks on the URL a unique and personal web page opens for the prospect.

This is when the impressions begin. First you get to see an introduction text, in which you welcome the prospect. Perhaps you have discussed something and want to elaborate on it. It is all possible! After this, the prospect can click further, after which a tailor-made offer becomes visible. This is made up of modular Building Blocks. With the Building Blocks, the possibilities are endless. A slideshow? A video? An overview of contact persons? Everything is possible! 

When a prospect opens the quotation for the first time you will be notified immediately. With Offery Analytics you will subsequently stay up to date on your quotation. How often is it opened and when exactly? Which building blocks are viewed, for how often and for how long? With Offery Analytics you can easily keep your finger on the pulse, and the follow-up is a piece of cake! 


Modular Building Blocks for a professional and personalised offer

An Offery quotation consists of several modular Building Blocks. You can easily choose the name, colour and icon of the Building Block yourself. The Building Blocks are stored in your personal library so that you can use them again and again, with or without (minor) adjustments. For each quotation you simply choose the right building blocks for a customised quotation! With the building blocks you can build a personal, unique and strong customised quotation, in your own house style of course. 

Time is money, also in the case of quotations. With Offery's modular building blocks, you can create the optimal quotation for each prospect in no time at all. This means you spend less time on producing a quotation and can focus on the next opportunities. Offery gives a new dimension to sales and lifts quotations to a higher level!

Fast, clear, personal and strong. That's your quotation, thanks to Offery's quotation software.


A quotation in your house style

Every organisation has its own house style. A corporate identity that is well thought out, unique and reflects what the organisation stands for. Thanks to the corporate identity it is clear at a glance that it is your organisation, which radiates professionalism and strength.

This style naturally returns in the quotations. With it, you make offers not only uniform, but also personal and impressive.

With Offery you can easily create a personal quote in your own house style!


Uniform yet personal

With Offery's online quotation software you can create personal and professional quotations with a uniform look. All the building blocks of the quotation need only be filled in once, after which they are stored in the library. In this way you create a template that can then be customised for each prospect. This way, you deliver professional custom work in a short time, time after time.

A uniform look is a professional look, and it inspires confidence!

A unique and personal offer

Quotations are often impersonal quotations, in a PDF file, which is sent as an attachment in an e-mail. The salutation, name and company name are then adapted, but it often doesn't get any more personal than that. With Offery quotation software, you can raise your quotation to a higher level.

Offery offers the possibility to personalise every quotation. This can be done not only with text, but also with images and even videos. The (audio) visual content is easy to add to the quotation thanks to Offery, allowing you to create a personal and strong quotation in no time at all. A personal explanation, or a friendly conclusion. With Offery you can give your quotation that special 'personal touch'.

Make an impression with your personal offer; Don't forget to make impact today!


A quote for every job, in several languages

Sending a quote to an international prospect has never been easier thanks to Offery. The Offery quotation software can be set up in Dutch and English. In addition, five languages have been implemented that can be linked to a building block as a tag. In addition to Dutch and English, these are German, French and Spanish. The content in the building blocks is written by the user, so the quotation can be drawn up in any language!


A complete and clear offer with only one link

You can easily send an Offery quotation to your prospect via e-mail. Without a heavy PDF file attached, of course. Your prospect arrives at the digital URL to the digital Offery quotation. When the prospect opens the quotation link, a secure online environment opens where the prospect is welcomed by a text written by you. This can of course be adjusted per prospect, for a personal and professional quotation for each prospect.

By using the online environment, sending and opening the quotation is quick, easy and clear.

In addition, you enjoy maximum freedom thanks to the unlimited data storage. Thanks to the ISO certified and secure SSL Cloud connection, worries about the size and security of your quotation are a thing of the past. With Offery, you have complete freedom to fill your quotations with photos, videos and other types of visual content. (audio) visual content.

The fact that the quotation is sent online also means that it can be opened online without having to download and save heavy PDF files. With just one click, the prospect has the opportunity to view the complete professional and unique quotation in a secure environment.

Simple and convenient. Expert and professional. That is what Offery stands for!


Digital signature

With Offery's online quotation software, almost anything is possible. The time of printing out a PDf, signing it, scanning it and mailing it again is over. Thanks to Offery, the entire decision-making process becomes more personal, more professional and easier.

An Offery quotation can simply be signed online, using a fully digital signature and double verification. This way of signing is not only legally valid and safe, but also reliable, easy and fast!


Full insight with Offery Analytics

In no time at all, you have completed the quotation for a prospect. Using the building blocks, you have created a unique customised quotation that you have shared with your prospect. But now what? With old-fashioned quotations, this is the moment when you hand over the process and no longer have any insight yourself. With Offery's online quotation software, you do!

When the prospect has opened your quotation for the first time, you will be notified immediately. But that's not all. Which building blocks have been opened? How often have the building blocks been opened? How long was each brick viewed? With Offery Analytics you will have complete insight into the use of your quotation.

Because you know what the prospect is looking at, you know exactly what is important. Is it only the quotation that is being looked at, or is the prospect mainly interested in the contacts? With the insight you gain from Offery Analytics you know exactly what is important and what the prospect's needs are. With this information in your pocket, you can make well prepared and targeted follow-up calls, in order to get the most out of the quotation. 

Offery offers you the statistics you need to get the most out of your quotation;

  • When has the quotation been opened?
  • How often is the offer open?
  • Which building blocks were considered?
  • How long has each building block been looked at?

So it is immediately clear where the prospect's needs lie. Smart and convenient!

With Offery Analytics you can therefore see exactly when your quote was opened. Experience shows that there are two peaks in the opening of the quotation. The first when the quotation is viewed for the first time and a second peak when you are back on the table. But during the second peak, you are not the only one the prospect thinks of; the competition is most likely also on the table. Fortunately, you know exactly when that is so you can make targeted contact with the prospect at the right time. That way you stay top of mind during the prospect's decision-making process!


Follow-up of the offer

Quotations become assignments through proper follow-up, the most important part of sales.

Following up on your offer has never been easier. With the knowledge of Offery Analytics you are prepared for anything. Follow-up is not only easier, but also more fun! Because how much fun is it not to know exactly what a prospect is going to ask for or what the needs are during the follow-up? You can immediately respond to the prospect's questions and needs, so that you can personally transform the offer into an order.


Get more out of a job with Offery

Cross-selling has never been so easy during a sales meeting. With an impressive and personal quotation, you can offer so much more than a 'standard' quotation.
A quotation that surprises the prospect, can create the 'wow' effect and shows ultimate preparedness by offering extra options.
With the modular building blocks you can offer extras so that you can capitalize on the prospect's interest. Did you discuss a possible extension during your conversation? Surprise your prospect, for example, with a business plan about the possible expansion, or inform the prospect in a unique way about additional services that you provide.


All the advantages of Offery at a glance

  • With Offery's quotation software you can save time and money by quickly and easily creating a professional and personal quotation in your own house style.
  • By means of the modular building blocks, you can create a clear, unique and professional quotation in no time.
  • The possibilities of furnishing your quotations with unique content are endless
  • With Offery Analytics you have full insight into the use of your quotation
  • The unique set-up of the offer allows you to use your sales skills
  • You can easily share the quotation via a URL. No more large, heavy PDF files!
  • Follow-up of your offer is easier than ever, thanks to the data of Offery Analytics
  • The quotation can be easily shared internally with your prospect
  • The conversion of the quotation is quick and easy by signing it digitally with a double verification
  • Offery is available in several languages

    Don't forget to make impact today!