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Per month for the first user


Per additional user, per month


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One-off start-up costs €350.00


When you start working with Offery, you enter into a 6-month contract. This agreement can be terminated quarterly.


Offery works on the basis of a web-based application. This means that you can only use Offery when your computer(s) is/are connected to the internet. The application works with up-to-date browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari and Firefox.


With an Offery subscription, you get user training on site. In the event of a pandemic or some other reasion 🙂 it can of course also be done online.


The input you need to fill the different building blocks is one thing, but then making it into a nice wholecan be quite a job.If you can't do it yourself or don't have the time,we wil be happy to help. Within a few days, all the information you need will be in your system.