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Know what's happening thanks to Offery Analytics

Know what's happening thanks to Offery Analytics

When you send out a paper quote or a PDF, you don't know what happens to it. Do they read everything from A to Z or does it go straight into the bin?

If you do not know what happens to quotations, you cannot respond to the interests and needs of (potential) customers. Offery Analytics provides you with insights that you can use to take targeted action.

The Offery statistics show exactly what happens to your quotations. Your organisation can learn from this and make your quotations even better.

Offery Analytics provides insight in two ways: per quotation and overall.

Analysis per quotation

Knowing what happens to every quotation you send ensures that you can immediately respond to customer actions. The statistics show:

  • when the quotation is opened,
  • how many people have viewed the quotation,
  • how much time they spend on each of the building blocks.

Thanks to this information, you can approach (potential) customers in a targeted manner in order to anticipate possible questions and respond to their interests.

This personal and targeted approach can contribute to your quotation being accepted (faster).

Total overview

You probably send out quotations on a regular basis. That is why Offery offers you not only statistics per quotation but also a total overview.

Thanks to this analysis option, you can see which quotation building blocks score well. The statistics show, among other things, how often the various building blocks are clicked on and how much time the recipients spend on them. An example to illustrate this:

People often click on a particular building block. However, the recipients spend little time on it. Considering the content of this building block, it should be one that is looked at more closely. From this you can conclude that what is being offered might not be living up to their expectations.

In this way, you can continuously optimise the content of the Offery building blocks to get the very best results.